Brad & Andrea

October 18, 2020Tucson, AZ, USA

The Wedding

Sunday, October 18, 2020
Attire: Cocktail Attire (text us for tips!)
Ceremony and Reception
The Barn at Tanque Verde Ranch
14301 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ, USA
Our Story
First Date

Brad: I drove up to Baltimore from DC for our first date. Andrea accepted my offer of a ride, but was sure to mention that her roommates Justin and Kari had a robust security system, a gun, and a 160 pound dog. During our date, Andrea told the story about how her dad bought the physical seats from the old Denver Broncos stadium that he and her mom met in, which he now displays in his office. I joked that I had already spoken to the manager about setting our barstools aside just in case the date went well. Sadly, I never actually had that conversation and that bar has since closed -- and now our apartment houses meaningless barstools ordered online.

Andrea: Brad was the first person to pick me up for a date, something I probably shouldn’t have done considering we met online. Brad made me laugh right away, and he’s made me laugh every day since. Our first date, we spent the evening at a cocktail bar trading stories and laughing. I liked him immediately, and in the middle of our first date, I made sure to schedule the second one.

Travel Memories

Andrea: A few months after we began dating, we road tripped from Nashville through the Blue Ridge Mountains and back to DC. Our first afternoon in Nashville, we grabbed a seat at Robert’s Western World and listened to the band play for hours. While there, we befriended two or three couples who had been married for decades. As we watched them dance to Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash covers, I pictured us coming back to this exact spot decades later. I knew that would be the first of many wonderful trips together.

Brad: We've been to some incredible places together, but it was our trip to Mexico City that solidified for me that I wanted Andrea to be my permanent travel partner. I had just come down with a bad cough, which meant we both only got 2 or 3 hours of sleep each night while we were there. Still, Andrea was excited to wander around the city with no plans, just eating tacos and trying to get by on our Spanglish. We were also on the same exact nap schedule, which any travel expert will tell you is key to the perfect partner.

Wedding Party

Mat - Best Man

As with most younger brothers, Brad always looked up to Mat growing up. As with most older brothers, Mat made a few attempts at convincing Brad he was adopted. The rare prank aside, Mat has always been a great older brother -- whether it was letting Brad sit in on his band practices, showing him the ropes in high school and then again in college, or, now, being his best man.

Ryan - Groomsman

Brad's oldest brother and father of awesome niece and flower girl extraordinaire, Poppy. In Brad's formative years, Ryan was always quick to share tales from touring, introduce Brad to musicians he idolized, and amaze Brad with his staggering record and DVD collection. Ryan is in large part responsible for instilling in Brad the desire to seek out new music and share it with his loved ones -- a trait Andrea has been able to reap the benefits of throughout their relationship.

Adam - Groomsman

Adam and Brad met when they were 10 and haven't really changed a whole lot since. Whether it was making up games in Adam's yard in 1999 or creating competitions to gamble on in 2019, Adam has helped Brad stay in touch with his inner child. Adam has also helped Brad stay in touch with his inner winner, as by all accounts, Brad leads the overall 20+ year series of competitions by a very healthy margin.

Jared - Groomsman

Roommates in college and beyond, Jared won Brad over with his goofy charm and willingness to take a big swing for a joke. And just like how a baseball player can usually keep their job with a batting average above .200, Jared is satisfied if 2 out of every 10 of his jokes land. We love Jared's ability to make anyone crack a smile with a well-timed pun or weird piece of trivia.

Rayhan - Groomsman

College radio colleague turned world travel partner. Whether it's in Seattle or DC (or Bangkok or Barcelona), Rayhan can be found striking up conversations with strangers, nerding out about music, and providing the excited energy sometimes needed for Brad to get up and go. Rayhan is likely to be on the dance floor whenever allowed during the reception.

Arteen - Officiant

Andrea and Forbes' 2016 30 Under 30's Arteen Arabshahi attended the same middle and high schools, but didn't really become friends until, years after graduating, Arteen came to the rescue with some much needed candy and emotional support after Andrea's dog passed away. After a friendship built on trips to New York, 3-hour sushi dinners, and calls while stuck in traffic, Andrea introduced Arteen to Brad. Arteen then quickly decided that Brad was truly the better half of the relationship, and made it known to all parties involved.

Jamie - Maid of Honor

Jamie has been Andrea’s sister for as long as she could remember. Their closeness tends to irritate others, especially when they use their secret language. Growing up, they would spend their summers tormenting their grandparents by blatantly talking about them in their secret language right in front of them (something they still do to their parents). Jamie and Andrea are as close as sisters can be, despite Jamie pushing Andrea out of a raft and into the ocean just to shut her up when she was only three years old.

Kari - Bridesmaid

Andrea and Kari met on the first day of sixth grade when their lockers were serendipitously stacked atop one another. Despite Andrea's repeated offense of dropping books on Kari's head, their 17-year friendship took root as they waited in line for a Jason Mraz concert for 2+ hours just to get a front row spot. They have traveled all over the world together, eating lobster rolls in Maine, convincing punt boat drivers to jump into the river in England, and screaming lyrics along with Big Bang in Las Vegas.

Hannah - Bridesmaid

Hannah was the first person Andrea met when she moved to DC in 2012. Through the ever-popular game of Jewish Geography, Andrea found herself renting a room in Hannah’s apartment. They knew they’d be good friends when Hurricane Sandy hit and they passed the time watching a Real Housewives marathon and eating junk food. A few years later, they traveled to Israel together on Birthright, where they were the oldest people on the trip and had to constantly ask the young people to keep it down so they could actually hear their tour guide. Andrea married Hannah and her husband in the fall of 2017, one of the biggest honors – and greatest performances – of her life.

Morgan - Bridesmaid

Morgan immediately intimidated Andrea when they first worked together at Nordstrom. Quickly, Andrea and Morgan bonded over their quirky senses of humor and deep love for dogs. That summer, Andrea’s family adopted Morgan and they spent most days off boating around Coronado Bay looking for dolphins, eating breakfast burritos, and walking Leo and Tater. Over the years, they’ve stayed close with trips to each other’s cities and constant dog picture trading.

Justin - Bridesman

Justin and Andrea met in seventh grade and went on numerous group-hangs to the movies with his now wife, Kari. Andrea and Justin’s bond solidified when the two of them became roommates in the summer of 2015. They spent most evenings making chicken wings, watching The Sopranos, and walking to the local frozen yogurt shop for a small treat. If you’re ever in Baltimore, Andrea and Justin always recommend their favorite bar Nobles with all-you-can-drink happy hour for just $10.